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In a world which is fast evolving in unimaginable proportions, where science and technology is taking man beyond space and time. It’s imperative to be highly skilled and updated to ride the tide of change. The design and manufacturing sector is witnessing unprecedented upheavals in terms of concept formation planning and execution of concepts. Engineers are being challenged with ever new problems. Problems which were beyond the thoughts of all sane human being 50 years ago. However problems engenders solutions and that where CMAS Technologies come into the arena

What We Do

For the past 15 years cmas technologies (computerized machines and system controls) has been a premier organization in CNC, CAD, CAM training and development with its high end facilities and well qualified professionals. Cmas technologies implies its own experience in cnc programming , cad development, die engineering, robotics, CNC machine trouble shooting, live simulation software servicing of fms etc. CMAS is also professional support provider in the field of migration consulting for Australia. We are professionally run and offer quality advice. Our office is equipped with computers and all modern communication devices. We are well equipped to provide you advice, no matter where you are. CMAS is the only CAD/CAM institution in Kerala with high end CNC machine. The institution exposes the students to an industrial atmospheres hence they come to CMAS as protégés and they step out as protagonists. Our courses not only help students to be experts in design software but also proficient in machine side operations.


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CMAS Technologies is a unique institution that solely focus on your success

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