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Diploma in CAD/CAM/CNC


This course is CMASís most popular course with an average of 125 students every month passing out . In the last 15 years not less than 7000 students completed this course of high value from CMAS and has written their success story in the design and engineering sector . We have people all around the world who were former students at CMAS and has undergone this course of success. Their success story is the greatest testimony for not just the course but the reliability of CMAS technologies as an industrial training school. The course is ideal for any students who are looking for stint in the manufacturing sector . However its best suited for ITI graduates. So donít wait as time and tide wait for none. Plunge into the world of innovation, Into the world of success.

We offer this course in both normal and fast track duration

  • Normal Duration: 6 months
  • Fast Track Duration: 3 months

Study modules include 2 software and training in CNC programming.

  • Uni Graphics (UG)
  • Master cam
  • CNC/Auto CAD