Opportunities in CNC/CAD/CAM/MEP/HVAC

Opportunities in CAD/CAM/CNC/MEP/HVAC

The term CAD CAM MEP HVAC implies that an engineer can use the system both for designing a product and for controlling manufacturing process. CAD CAM is extensively used in the fields of engineering, architecture and entertainment medias. Industrial designers now use computer graphics to do work that was previously done with pencil and paper. There is good scope for candidates who certified in CAD CAM. Lucrative opportunities exist with original equipment manufacturers in the automobile and consumer product sector, in their design, development and manufacturing divisions. The work could relate to tool rooms, Mould design, cnc machines and cnc machine shopes. Today the use of CAD CAM CNC tools has become a necessity in organisations over industry verticals such as automotive, aerospace and utilities.

According to a study by BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON - a global strategy and technology consulting firm and NASSCOM , called globalization of engineering services-the next growth frontier for india , an additional $80 billion opportunities? will be created from the off shoring of engineering services for the indian industry by 2020, which implies that the demand for qualified engineers and skilled professionals will rise in the near future.

Reason for increasing demand for CAD CAM trained man power:

  • Entry of multinational companies and growth of automobile industries world wide.
  • Companies prefer 3d model as their key input than a 2d drawing.
  • Huge man power turn over in companies who have already invested in CAD CAM MEP HVAC
  • Increasing number of engineerig service providers like infosys , tcs , satyam ,wipro etc for international clients
  • Availability of engineering consultancy projects from the industry.

Snap shot: Most of the engineering production companies including mncs needed 3d model as a basic production development.